Baby Collection



                   25 Birth announcements

                                                   12 x 12 matted and framed with glass

                                                   4     5 x 5 images





                                              4 sessions               at 

                                                                                  10 days

                                                                                  4 months

                                                                                  8 months

                                                                                  12 months


                           optional family session offered

                           with 10 x 10 print


                                                                   G R E A T group gift for baby shower gift


                                                              or gift from Grandma and Grandpa or Mom and Dad's






                                      extra prints from session $50.00  up to 11.x.14

                                                                         high rezolution scan is available for your archiving with $250.00 in prints





                                      no library service of images offered after 6 months.