2007 and your family is young... but not for long!

                                  Grandma - HELLO... this is what you want to














                    includes session fee and 4 8 x 10 's of choice                                                                       

                   1/2 day coverage                                                                                                                   $400.00


                   full day                                                                                                                                   $600.00


                   extra prints    without album package                                                                                         $50.00


                   extra prints with album package                                                                                                 $10.00

                    ask about special event pricing for extra prints                                                             


                    Albums ala carte

                    Color coverage   heirloom album with 30 pages and up to 120 images                                    $1500.00


                    Also includes a double set of 4 x5 prints of all images with low rez cd for

                    slide show viewing.  Alll negatives with rights and a high rez cd  will be

                    available for you in 6 months.

            .      Internet viewing and ordering of prints available for 6 months.


                  Black and white coverage with real medium format film and hand printed                             $2200.00

                  rag paper prints in salon style album of 30 pages with 30 best 8 x 10s.      

                  Also includes a double set of all images with a low rez cd for slide show

                  viewing and  all negatives with rights and a high rez cd (delivered by lab in 6 months.)                         



Family photography does not only have to happen at someone's wedding.  Experienced wedding photographer wants to photograph your family for the day. Caputuring memories as they unfold, while your family is young and playful;  skiing, swimming, walking in the woods, sleeping, reading.